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Mechanisms and laser pickups for Car-Navigation-Systems:

   DVD-Mechanism for Audi RNS-E AISIN NAVI


Laser pickup for AUDI RNS-E 


DVD mechanism for BMW MK4  


Mechanism for Mercedes Comand 2.0

Laser pickup for Audi Navi Plus, Mercedes Comand

Hard to find laser pickups for High-End CD-Player:

  SONY KSS-121A / KSS-121B laser pickup


SONY KSS-123A laser pickup


SONY KSS-151A laser pickup


SONY KSS-190A laser pickup

PHILIPS CDM-3 mechanism


Audi VW CD DVD loader mechanism: BP7 CDM-M3 4.7/3 CDM-M3 10.4/3 CDM-M4 CDM-M6 4,7 CDM-M7 4.6/3 CDM-M8 4.7/52 CDM M8 4.11/642

DVS-3050 DVD-M2 5.6 DVD-M3.5 DVD-M5 DV-04-042 CD-210M available

BWM CD DVD loader mechanism: CDM-M2 2.3E CDM-M2 2.7 CDM-M3 2.7/2 CDM-M3 4.4/2 CDM-M6 4.4/2 CDM-M6 4.4/5 CDM9/44 DP23S58K

DP23S28H DP23S050 DVD-M2 5.6 DVD-M3 4.6 DVD-M3.5 available

Mercedes CD DVD loader mechanism: CDM-M3 4.8 CDM-M6 4.8/42 DP23847B DP23S47D DP23S47Z CDM-M6 4.6/1 DVD-M2 5.6 DVD-M3.5/8

DZ64S21R DZ64S02A DZ63G160 DV-01-15 DV-04-042 available

CD and DVD loader for Alpine Becker Blaupunkt Citroen Cadillac Chrysler Clarion Delphi Denso Fiat Ford Grundig GM Honda Jaguar

CD and DVD loader for JVC Kenwood Lancia Land Rover Lexus Magneti Marelli Mazda Mitsubishi Nakamichi Nissan Opel
CD and DVD loader for Panasonic Peugeot Philips Pioneer Porsche Renault Rockford Rover Scania Saab Seat Siemens SKoda Smart Suzuki Subaru