repair service VW RNS-810 HDD navigation unit

repair service VW RNS-510 MFD-3 HDD navigation unit
Repair service VW RNS-810 Phaeton navigation unit, only start logo
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Repair service VW RNS-810

type of failure_nbsp_(total costs 257,-- Euro):

- navigation does not start
- navigation unit shows only black screen
- navigation unit only shows starting-screen/
_nbsp_ starting-logo
- navigation unit does not eject CDs/DVDs
- navigation unit cannot read CDs/DVDs
- Touchscreen does not work

type of failure 2 (total costs 357,-- Euro):

- navigation shows a white screen


*If your unit shows another type of failure_nbsp_
_nbsp__nbsp_please contact us via E-Mail:.
_nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ E-Mail:

This repair includes the following services:

- all defective parts will be replaced
- unit will be checked completely after repair


This offer applies to all VW RNS-810 navigation units

- 3D0 035 680
- 3D0 035 680 A
- 3D0 035 680 B
- 3D0 035 680 C


- You send your defective navigation unit !!very good packaged!!
_nbsp_ to the following address:

_nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ Gerner Electronics
_nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ Anton-Gilch-Str. 6
_nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ 94526 Metten
_nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ Germany

*IMPORTANT: Please add into the parcel a short note of the failure,
_nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ _nbsp__nbsp__nbsp_ _nbsp_your current map-DVD,_nbsp_the_nbsp_CODE_nbsp_and your telephone number

- Your navigation unit will be repaired and returned
_nbsp_ with enclosed invoice within_nbsp_one working days.
- You have to transfer the money_nbsp_by Paypal or wire transfer before sending back the unit.

total costs: 257,-- Euro or 357,-- Euro_nbsp_( included 19% German VAT and shipping back inside of EU)

We give 6 months warranty on this repair.